Plano Texas Jewelry Repairs

Jewelry Repair

Professional jewelry repair by professionals you can trust!

All fine jewelry should be professionally cleaned and checked once a year. At Gems of Time, we check all stones for security and prongs for damage at no charge!

Our experienced jewelers will:

  • Secure stones;
  • Resize rings;
  • Replace lost stones;
  • Restore antique jewelry;
  • Restring beads and pearls, cleaning and inspecting each piece for damages;
  • And much, much more.

Frequently Asked Question:

Purchase Gold and Diamonds Plano Tx

Question: If I want to make my family gold into a new piece, can you do so?

Answer: We do not recommend you use previously worked gold, because, in general, it has been potentially contaminated by solder (if it has been repaired or sized), chemicals (used in household cleaners or swimming pools and alike), and other agents. In the case of 14k gold, there are 14 parts pure gold and 10 parts other alloys which contribute to the color of the gold as well as it's durability. When additional components are added, the 14 parts of pure gold are reduced making it actually less than 14 karat. If we cast the previously worked gold with potential contaminates, the resulting piece may have pits and holes and be overly brittle and tending to break and look old way before its time. However, if we do a custom jewelry piece, we will pay you the current scrap gold price for the family gold, or apply that value to your current custom design reducing your costs.

Watch Repairs

All watch battery replacements and repairs are done by a professionally trained watch maker.

Please allow 1 week to 10 days on jewelry and watch repairs.

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